Additional equipment

    INK-100 inkjet inkjet module

    Precise identification of details at every stage of production and assembly Available to Pro Master3D machines.

    The most important advantage of the Ink-100 ink-100 ink-100 module is very fast applying characters from 13 to 48 mm high at a speed of 12 m/min.

    The module is available for Pro Master3D cutters and allows you to describe details with alphanumeric signs using ink. Unlike the currently most commonly used route or plasma scoring, this method does not affect the structure of the material. Thanks to the Ink-100, we can forget about the strips or peeling stickers, ensuring repetitive and flawless marking of details. This is crucial in the process of their identification and control for companies with a very large variety of production or service. An additional plus is the fact that these markings can be easily removed, leaving no trace on the material.


    Main advantages and possibilities of inkjet describing details:

    • 3 degrees of print tightening
    • printing in two axes (x and y)
    • 8 available font sizes
    • Automatic ink blow system to prevent drying of the nozzle
    • High performance at a low marking price
    • Unambiguous identification of each element that protects us against the possibility of making a mistake when sorting elements or issuing them from a warehouse, shipping to the customer, etc.
    • Full automation of the marking preparation process at the CAM software level, practically completely eliminating the possibility of an error,
    • Unlike popular stickers, technology can be used on rusted and dirty sheets without the risk of later, peeling during storage and transport, so all elements are permanently marked and we do not waste time on re -identification of details, from which, for example, the sticker detachable
    • The marking occurs at the stage of cutting the detail on the machine, translates into a very high saving of time not only when preparing and sorting details, but also when identifying their end customer, which is added value and allows for even greater time saving, this time by the recipient,
    • In addition to the name of the element, we can apply the customer name, the designation of the machine on which the element was made and the employee who worked at the machine at a given moment, thanks to which we provide easier and more effective quality control and very quickly identify possible reasons for the creation of errors and production inconsistencies,
    • Inkjet labeling is a process that does not bring lasting changes in the material, and different types of ink available in our offer allow you to decide whether the marking is to be easily or difficult to abrasive.


    The module also allows you to make additional descriptions that will limit the possibility of making production errors, e.g.

    • Description of the type of galvanic coating that should be applied in further processes on the element (e.g. chrome, nickel, galvanized, etc.),
    • paint color, or the color of the galvanic coating, e.g. anodizing,
    • Installation comments, type left, right side, rivet, not weld etc.
    • markings of the type of welds to be made on the element, which reduces the risk of making mistakes during welding

    Turning for pipe OBR

    For all companies that, in addition to sheets, use round profiles in production.Available to all STIGAL machine models.

    The use of a rotary for processing pipes in the Stigal machine allows you to cut out various types of elements used to build tubular structures. High cutting accuracy guarantees the repetition of the components and facilitates their fitting and subsequent welding. The time to make welded structures from round profiles made using the Stigal turntable, is reduced many times compared to traditional methods.


    STIGAL’s main features:

    • wide range of available diameters 50-400 mm, 50-620 mm or 100-920 mm (for machines from the VX and Pro series),
    • Self -cent support trolleys that facilitate and accelerate the base of the pipe,
    • the possibility of using a wireless SmartControl controller,
    • the possibility of shaping pipe cutting,
    • cooperation with modern LANTEK FLEX 3D TUBES / STIGCAM / SIGMANEST software,
    • disacking of smoke and exhaust gas from the inside of the pipe,
    • very wide base of ready -made figures/details (so -called macro).


    Basic capabilities of the STIGAL turnover:

    • cutting pipes to size,
    • jamming the pipes with a plane at any angle,
    • jamming and charging simple tubular endings,
    • axial and non -leaching penetration of round and rectangular profiles,
    • cutting round, rectangular and shape holes,
    • creating tubular nodes, segment knees and other tubular elements.

    Portal boom

    Get an additional working area outside the material table, e.g. for processing the sections.Available for all STIGAL machine models.

    It provides an additional area of ​​RBOCZA outside the material table for processing sections and profiles that will not fit under the portal. Allows the use of a turntable for pipe processing.

    The portal boom can be mounted at any time of operation – the later expansion option is only available in Stigal machines.

    MTP module – precise labeling and plasma sheet scoring

    An extensive version of plasma marking, enabling applying points, lines and alphanumeric characters to detail.Available for all STIGAL machine models and HQC aggregates (prof 166, 255 and 420)

    • replaces works performed standard by a trail,
    • allows you to apply lines, alphanumeric points and signs to details,
    • the only module for rocked and scoring with a character adjustment function,
    • performs marking and scoring using the same burner and plasma source,
    • allows you to make characters with a minimum size of 15 mm,
    • it significantly accelerates and increases the accuracy of labeling details in relation to conventional methods.

    LWP module – laser burner position indicator

    Available for all STIGAL devices models.

    • precisely indicates the position of the burner above the sheet of sheet,
    • facilitates checking the straightforward positioning of the sheet sheet,
    • enables a quick and accurate return in place of cutting,
    • accelerates work, especially when cutting from waste pieces.

    Plasma-oxygen universal support

    Available for all STIGAL devices models.

    • adapted to simultaneously mount the plasma and oxygen burner,
    • 2 Tool handles: a work holder, in which an active tool is installed and a parking holder with an inactive tool,
    • manual tool change by the operator (rearming time 60s),
    • lower purchase costs compared to 2 independent supports,
    • no working width loss on the portal.


    The oxygen burner is equipped with an automatic gas console, which precisely controls the pressure of cutting and heating oxygen, enabling fully automatic and smooth piercing of up to 100 millimeters of sheets. In addition, the console simplifies the operation, reduces the sheating sheating time and allows automated selection of piercing and cutting parameters.

    Discharging of dust and gases formed during cutting

    Available for all STIGAL devices models.

    The Stigal material table connected to the extraction system and the filter -lover or fan, guarantees high effectiveness of dust and gases formed during cutting. The use of a filter -wistolator further cleanses pollution from permanent fractions above 1μm.

    The capacity of the subtraction unit is selected according to the size of the material table. Filter gates are equipped with several or several filter cartridges, the amount of which depends on the size of the material table.