The Family of Products Lantek is one of the most advanced preparation and production management systems and a machine park in the world, also in the Industry 4.0 standard. Starting from the CAD/CAM module, enabling advanced automatic nesting, through ERP solutions after advanced production analysis, lantles offers a wide package of tools that will meet the expectations of each customer.

Main lant software modules:

  • Lantek Expert: CAD/CAM software for nesting designed for automatic optimization of CNC code programming for sheet metal machining
  • Lantek Flex3d: This is flexible CAD/CAM 3D software, developed entirely by LANTEK and intended for automating CNC programming machines for cutting pipes and profiles;
  • Lantek MES: LANTEK products intended for companies that want to get a solution for management and optimization of production processes;
  • Lantek Integra: software in web technology that covers the entire process of the process in the metal processing industry, from the initial sales process to final technical support;
  • Lantek Analytics: IoT platform that allows you to capture key data in the production process and create a control panel displaying the most important indicators;
  • Lantek MES+: kconsolidation of production orders, communication and intelligent planning, in order to increase the efficiency of each resource, reduce production time and reduce costs.