Sigmanest is a CAD/CAM program to optimize the cutting in plasma, oxygen, laser, waterwood technology and punching on revolver presses. Sigmanest enables management of sheet sheets and waste sheets, having a cutting cost calculation module.

Available modules:

  • COMPANIONTM: Distillers Import Module DXF, DWG and CDL files and their automatic or manual distribution
  • AutoNESTTM: advanced distribution and additional fuckers, one software for all cutting technologies in the company;
  • TrueShapeTM: a module with all Autonest ™ options and additionally enables effective distribution of part in part (True Shape);
  • TechnoTM: Has all Options of the Autonest ™ and Trueshape modules, and additionally optimizes NC cutting and programming technologies;
  • PowerPackTM: The most comprehensive module containing all options for basic modules. Has the highest operational performance;
  • PunchTM: Module covering 4 subversions of the cutting software: Basic, Techno, PowerPack and Combo.