How to obtain funding for investment in industrial machines – Open Days in Stigal

Open Days organized by Stigal and Eurolider

December 7, 2022

godz. 9.00-14.00

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Number of places limited!

Use the help of experts in obtaining funds for investment!

For the first time in history, we invite you to a meeting organized by Stigal and our partner Eurolider. We are guided by one goal, familiarize our clients with the latest and most profitable ways to raise funds for investments. Currently emerging financing opportunities will completely change the approach to the implementation of innovative optimization solutions, so you should read them today.

We have prepared thematic panels for you:

Acquiring funds for the purchase of machines from current EU programs – eurolider
Investment lending on preferential terms – bank representative
The latest technical solutions, i.e. how machines optimize cutting processes – Stigal
Cutting sheets, pipes and shapes – Cutting presentations – Stigal
Joint dinner with a networking session, i.e. exchange of experiences and making business contacts

Expert knowledge will be at your disposal!

An expert from a consulting company that audits and obtains funding from EU funds. First of all, he will share information on how to effectively obtain funding for industrial machines from current and upcoming forms of funding.

The bank representative

The bank representative will familiarize the state with the most favorable and selected forms of financing investment activities independent of EU funding but also with EU support forms that require credit and are discontinued.

An experienced and open team of engineers and sales department will find the most effective solutions in your production profile. We will present the latest capacity of machines that completely change the approach to plasma and gas cutting.

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