Meet the premium class plasma cutter

The Dynamic X-Pro cutter is a high end class device among compact plasma cutters. Designed for clients looking for the highest quality and performance, for people who do not recognize any compromises. It was designed from scratch with an emphasis on ergonomics, safety and excellent work parameters. Intelligent machine parameter management systems allow you to get high quality cutting, regardless of the level of operator’s experience.

Rich equipment in the basic version of the device

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STIGAL DYNAMIC X-PRO cutter advantage

Dynamics and acceleration

Watch a movie in which we check in practice how much influence on the cost of operating the machine has its dynamics and acceleration offered.

Most manufacturers say that all machines cut the same quickly, and the acceleration of the X and Y axis is not important in everyday production at all. The results of our tests, however, show how much we can lose by choosing a free or gain by choosing a fast machine.

First of all, safety

One of the main directions of the evolution of modern machines used in industry is the constant raising of security standards in the field of health and safety. When designing the latest plasma firing, we focus not only on uncompromising cutting quality, but also on the highest work safety.

The effect of many years of development in this area is the Guard Line-O system. This is a comprehensive solution, protecting not only the work area of ​​the machine but also its outer work zone, meeting the PN-EN ISO 17916 “safety machinery” standard.

What distinguishes Guard Line-O from other solutions available on the market and why it offers a completely different level of protection? To understand this, we must first of all distinguish the individual work zones of the machine, then learn the principle of the operation of individual elements of the Guard Line-o system, and finally compare it with other solutions.

We encourage you to watch the animation in which we discuss these issues.

Modern control panel with SmartCut function

The first thing that catches the eye as soon as you stand in front of the cutter Stigal is the control panel. Equipped with a huge, panoramic touch screen, which is the heart of the whole system. We designed it as simple as possible. You will not find unnecessary buttons on it, and its operation is so intuitive that after a few minutes you forget about it – you just use it. We have heard many times from our clients that they have a problem with qualified staff, so we’ve created a smartcut module for them. The operation of the machine has never been so simple, so accessible – now almost anyone can be the operator, and Smartcut will take care of repetitive production and expected cut quality.

Comfort and safety when working with a CNC machine. Service from anywhere.

EasyControl, a light and handy wireless pilot, designed for Stigal machines that allows you to control the plasma cutter from anywhere in the machine’s work zone. EasyControl provides a very responsive response to the operator’s instructions, thus it accelerates the work very much, especially in the case of machines with a large working range.

* The remote control is added to cutters with working tables over 4 meters long.

See what the cutting processlooks like

Structural steel:
#3 mm

Cutting technology: 80A O2 – Air

Structural steel #8 mm

Cutting technology: 120A O2 – Air

Structural steel #15 mm

Cutting technology: 120A O2 – Air

Watch the details at 360 °

Technical solutions and systems that you get in the standard:

Suport High Speed+

Accelerated in the axis from up to 330 mm/s tool support, reduces detection time and accelerates the start of cutting.

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MPP module

Basic version of plasma marking, enabling applying points to detail.

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LWP indicator

It precisely indicates the place of the plasma arch and the sheet sheet puncture point

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Adjustable, intentional not burning the material, thanks to which the cut detail sticks to the waste.

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SmartTHC sensor

The intelligent sensor measures the plasma arch tension and regulates the burner distance from the sheet

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SmartDect sensor

The intelligent system performs detection and measurement of the metal surface and makes it easier to set the cutting parameters.

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Automatic UV screen

It protects the operator and people working in the cutter from UV radiation and spark.

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Intelligent ECTS system

He monitors and controls the extraction sections, obtaining the highest effectiveness of dust and gases pulling out

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DPS system

The double material puncture system protects the burner and operational parts during the sheet metal piercing process

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Replaceable material grate

You can match the grate in the material table to cutting technology – different for plasma and different for oxygen.

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Data recovery

The automatic data recovery disk protects against database loss and quickly puts the system again

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WUA system

The vertical anti -color system protects the burner from a collision with a deformation sheet during thermal cutting

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Modular construction

Complicated systems connected to larger modules, significantly reduce the technical service of the machine

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Easy and intuitive preparation of cutting

Discover the CAD/CAM WRYK program

Wrykrys is a CAD/CAM technological software for preparing the cutting program on CNC cutters. Thousands of satisfied customers confirm easy and intuitive service. Practical modules accelerate the programming process:

  • Nesting – optimal use of the sheet
  • Thermosim – thermal cuts simulation
  • Airmod – development of ventilation fittings
  • Macro – a library of standard editing shapes
  • Costing module – quick calculation of cutting costs
  • Waste sheet metal management
  • Cut on the common edge
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Dynamic X-PRO – basic parameters

Working width1500 lub 2000 mm
Working lengthfrom 1000 do 12000 mm
Travel speed50 m/min
DOCK. Positioning+/- 0,05mm
Max. Sheet thickness/cutting50 mm
Full technical specification

Expansion at any time of operation

You can increase your working length and add additional modules

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Available plasma aggregates