Trading and plasma scoring. The solution is unique only in onion aggregates.

How can tracking and plasma scoring accelerate the processing process?

The speed and versatility of the plasma allows you to perform several activities using the same burner.

In addition, when cutting and processing metal elements, there is often a need to mark the elements. Using the option available only in onion plasma aggregates, we can prepare them for further processing at the stage of cutting the elements – by making it much easier and accelerating subsequent processing and implementation of subsequent stages of the order.

The plasma route and plasma scoring module appreciated by customers.

Our clients very much appreciate the possibilities of scoring and roucing elements along with the cutting process. This allows you to save time, does not require the use of a separate trail and is more accurate than manual marking.

The MTP module allows you to precisely apply both lines, points, but also alphanumeric signs to details. In addition, the STIGAL module, as the only one, has a function adjustment function.

The wide possibilities of using and using the module allow, among others on:

  • scoring places for drilling,
  • route of lines for subsequent bends,
  • trading the line with plasma for later welding places of individual elements,
  • Trading alphanumeric descriptions of details for the specifics of production or specialist marking in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The minimum marking height is 15mm (not counting the line).

The plasma route module is available in all Stigal machines using HQC aggregates.

To sum up the advantages of the Stigal plasma route and plasma scoring module:

  1. the possibility of adjusting the depth of the mark,
  2. route independent of the thickness of sheet metal,
  3. use of one burner for cutting and marking,
  4. negligible wear of the operational parts,
  5. no need to use a second aggregate or expensive automatic gas console,
  6. The cheapest and fastest solution for easy marking of details.

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