Steel profile cutting machines

Reduce costs and win with the competition

The 3D multiprofiler is an example of a professional, multi -functional machine for cutting profiles (steel, aluminum), which by using plasma cutting technology can replace processes:

  • cuts,
  • milling,
  • drilling,
  • phasing,
  • grinding,
  • trading,
  • markings 

Plasma cutting with a 3D multiprofler cutting machine requires only one operator, which allows you to reduce processing costs and causes that it is an investment optimal technology.

3D multiprofiler – produce much more


An automated shaped cut line allows for a definite increase in the plant’s productivity and efficiency, which translates into a very fast return on investment (ROI). A shortened delivery time, one operator and a continuous, uninterrupted production process are features that are worth paying attention to when choosing a professional profile cutting machine.

Saving production space

Standard processes that are replaced by a machine for cutting steel profiles Multiprofer 3D Line would require a professional saw, a drilling and milling position, a grinder, but above all increasing the warehouse space for the purposes of storing semi -finished products before the start of the next process. Thanks to one decision, you can save 80% of a valuable production space and buying one machine do not invest in three more.


“The purchase of one cutting machine allowed us to give up three more …”

The simplest service

Does not require qualified operators

Simple, intuitive and fast controller operation that does not require specialized programming are the key features of the Stigal controller. The operation of the cutting machine for aluminum and steel profiles does not require employing CNC programming specialists. Just a short training at the machine to start the production process efficiently.

Professional machines for cutting profiles of various types

Open and closed, angles, heads, skittals and much more.

Depending on the chosen option, the profile cutting machine is possible to cut in hexasons and price centers and additionally closed profiles, angles, tensers, heads and flat bars. Almost no restrictions on cutting steel profiles with a length of up to 18 meters and cross -section up to 350 x 600 mm. The system for cutting the profile cutting machine with the software has been prepared to easily adjust the required cutting shape to the batch material.

Profile cutting machine – freedom


Design and perform details without restrictions, so as to meet the highest production requirements and respond to market demand. The possibility of cutting a shape profile allows you to implement production for the construction industries, offshore, shipbuilding and other heavy steel structures.

Work comfortably and safely

The cutting chamber fully insulates the operator and bystanders from the noise and the risk of radiation. In addition, the exhaust gas and dust extraction system during cutting definitely improves air quality in the production hall, but also reduces the negative impact of pollination on other machines nearby. In addition, the machine area is secured in Safety technology by fainting and optical gates. The profile cutting machine meets strict standards and directives related to the design of thermal cutting machines such as PN-EN 60204-1, PN-EN ISO 12100, PN-EN ISO 13850, PN-EN ISO 13855.

Immediate support

Technical and service

The purchase of a machine for cutting steel and aluminum profiles is the beginning of success, which is why we remain in constant contact with our clients, providing them with technical and service support in every situation. The guarantee of efficient work is its proper use, which is why we are available to customers at any time and support them in the scope of optimizing cutting, maintenance and service technology. We implement most of the applications in remote form by communication with the customer operator and machines, which definitely affects the quality of maintenance in production companies.

Give the process to the highest class of profile cutting machine

Just supplement the input buffer of the machine warehouse, and the continuous, automated cutting process allows you to receive ready details from the output buffer. A machine for cutting profiles during work only requires control from the operator over the correctness of the cutting programs.

See how Multiprofiler3D accelerated cutting processes in the heavy industry

Discover the history of the company, which thanks to the implementation of the multiproprophyler3D increased the production speed and accuracy of the details produced, and additionally gained room in the production hall.

Add more functions over time

Input magazine

Raw preparation zone of raw batch material enabling automation of the processing

Output magazine

A magazine receiving ready, cut details as a buffer zone for the next stages of the process.

Cutting 360 degrees

Possibility of cutting on 4 pages of the profile during one process. Useful for processing closed profiles.

Inkjet marking

Determination of details using a inkjet printer for sheet metal, with the possibility of selecting fonts.


Plasma marking module and engraving in the form of engraving with the possibility of groove depth.

Dischase filter

Filtering system pull -out gases and dust from the cutting zone with an effectiveness of up to 99.9%.

Ask about the machine

Complete the data and our adviser will contact you and explain everything.

We will also discuss all technical details so that the offered machine perfectly matches your production profile and meet all qualitative expectations.

MULTIPROFILER 3D – technical parameters

    Loading length
    2500 – 18 000 mm
    The height of the detail
    10 – 350 mm
    Detail width
    10 – 600 mm
    do 40 mm
    Max load capacity / MB
    220 kg
    Max profile mass
    3500 kg
    Min. Detail length
    300 mm
    350 x 600 mm
    50 x 50 mm
    Speaking speed
    10 m/min
    Aggregate producer
    Aggregate power
    180 A – 300 A
    3 – 40 mm
    Isosceles angle
    Uneven angle

    Available plasma aggregates

    Click on the selected aggregate to learn more

    Cebora PROF 180

    Current range: 20 – 180 A

    Cutting range: 0,5 – 30 mm

    Max power consumption: 40 kW

    More information

    Cebora PROF 300

    Current range: 20 – 300 A

    Cutting range: 0,5 – 40 mm

    Max power consumption: 66 kW

    More information