CNC cutter for cutting pipes

Fast and accurate prefabrication of tubular structures

High quality cutting

The high quality of cut out details will reduce the need for additional processing and reduce the costs of producing a finished element

The easiest service

Very friendly and easy software will allow you to start production immediately after the machine is implemented

Database of ready -made shapes

Together with the machine you get a ready base of details and figures that shorten the process of preparing the element for cutting.

Reliable service

A reliable and qualified service will provide support in the entire long -term period of work on the cutter

OB-R CNC turntable

For cutting pipes in 2D technology (perpendicular) and 3D (welding phases in the range of 0-45 °)

The OB-R CNC cutter allows you to cut out various types of elements used to build tubular structures. High cutting accuracy guarantees the repetition of the components and facilitates their fitting and subsequent welding. The time to make welded structures from round profiles made using the Stigal turntable, is reduced many times compared to traditional methods.

The machine has an intuitive and friendly software that will be handled by every operator, even the one that has never dealt with CNC devices.

Each STIGAL turntable is adapted to the individual needs of the client. Before sending the offer, we perform production needs and then prepare a configuration tailored to the company’s profile.

Technical solutions and systems that you get in the standard

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SmartTHC intelligent voltage sensor


Intuitive machine control


Wua – vertical anti -color system


Double puncture system of DPS


Automatic system recovery disk


SmartDect intelligent system detection system

The main features of the STIGAL turnover

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    The OB-R CNC cutter is designed for a shape cutting of pipes using two technologies:

    • 2D – perpendicular cutting (plasma and gas)
    • 3D – 3D-cutting with simultaneous edge phasing in the range of 0-45 ° (plasma)

    I occur in 3 ranges of diameters:

    • 50-400 mm
    • 50-620 mm
    • 100-900 mm.

    The rotary option is always tailored to the individual needs of the client.

    It is equipped with self -interest support trolleys:

    • facilitate the base of the pipe,
    • They accelerate the preparation of the pipe for cutting.

    The STIGAL brand turns together with modern software:

    • StigCAM,
    • SigmaNEST.

    The rotor to the pipe is connected to the extraction system.

    The resulting dust and gases are discharged from inside the pipe, increasing the safety of work on the device.

    Together with the machine you get a base of ready -made shapes for cutting on the machine Macro

    Thanks to this, the preparation of the cut can take place directly at the machine without the participation of the design office.

    This functionality significantly accelerates the process.

    OB-R CNC cutter allows you to cut elements that you can use in production:

    • segment knees,
    • tubular nodes,
    • cereal and feed silos,
    • frame and frames in vehicles (automotive industry),
    • technological and industrial pipelines,
    • pipe halls and structures,
    • conveyors and feeders,
    • tubular support columns,
    • enclosures for mantle-pipe exchangers,
    • valves, valves and industrial fittings,
    • and many others.

    Possibility to equip with a 3D head

    Unlimited cutting and phasing options thanks to the 5-axis Multi3D head

    Multi3D head

    A powerful tool in the hands of a modern entrepreneur

    The multi-functional 5-axial head is an innovative solution on a global scale, which revolutionizes the process of shaped cutting and phasing of sheets, profiles, pipes and sections. The head can cut in 3D technology with both plasma and oxygen. It has the largest cutting and phasing range on the market exceeding 100 mm. In turn, the highest value of angular swing (up to 90 °) enables the processing of vertical walls of profiles, shapes and other spatial elements – also large -size.

    Quick tool replacement

    Quick tool replacement

    Unlimited turnover of the burner

    Cutting pipes, profiles and shapes

    Multi3D advantage over competitive models available on the market

    Below the table you will find an explanation of the concepts

    Multi3D head
    Head rotationUnlimitedLimited to 700°
    Available technologiesCutting and chamfering with plasma
    Cutting and chamfering with gas
    Cutting and chamfering with plasma
    Quick tool replacementYes(30 sek.)No
    Height adjustmentIn the “Z” axis
    In the axis of the burner
    Cut without technological loopsYesNo
    Burner swing range+/- 45°
    +/- 90°
    +/- 45°
    Twisting wiresNoYes

    Cutting and chamfering sheets

    • Shape cut with simultaneous chamfer of sheets in the range of 0-45 °
    • Dynamic angle change
    • Two cutting tools

    Plasma burner:

    Types of performed phases: V, X, Y, 2Y

    Oxygen burner:

    Phase types: V

    Cutting and charming the shapes

    • Machining of spatial and large -size elements (e.g. denncles)
    • The largest head swelling angle +/- 90 °
    • Cutting in vertical walls

    Possibility of cutting and charming shapes:

    • Square profiles
    • Issuneous profiles
    • Spatial elements

    Unlimited turnover of the burner

    Lack of limitation of rotation, which is a weak point of conventional 3D heads, built -in anti -collision system, 2 height adjustment systems, including innovative AHC (Axis Height Control) and welding option make it an extremely universal product.

    OB-R CNC – basic parameters

    Diameter range50-400 mm, 50-620 mm or 100-920 mm
    Working lengthfrom 1000 to 12000 mm
    Travel speed15 m/min
    DOCK. Positioning+/- 0,05mm
    Max. Sheet thickness/cutdepending on the plasma aggregate used
    Full technical specification