EasyControl – a solution for remote control with a plasma cutter from anywhere within the machine’s operation

How to ensure user safety and protect the plasma cutter?

The challenge of combining current control with the safety of the Stigal machine has led the designers to choose the optimal control solution. Considering the above and the ease of machine use and stability, it was decided to place the computer screen in front of the machine – permanently with the possibility of rotating and setting the screen position. Thanks to this, there is no danger of damage to the monitor during the operation of the portal (as in the case of placing the control on the machine portal), as well as the danger of uncontrolled programming of the machine or the inability to stop in the event of continuous traffic of the portal with the controller.

The operator sees the machine’s work and is beyond its reach. Thanks to this, there will be a collision or an accident following the portal. However, the machine control challenge was created in the case of long work tables, where the exact positioning of the machine at the end of e.g. a 12 -meter table is impossible in practice for one person. And so the idea of ​​remote wireless control in the form of an EasyControl remote control was born. We have already written about the remote control on the occasion of the machine’s operating modes and safety in this area. However, the pilot himself gives almost unlimited possibilities of control over the plasma cutter Stigal. It is fully configurable by programmers. In the standard, it has as many as 27 machine control functions, portal and burner.

Using it perfectly, you position the portal even at the other end of the material table.
The most important functions include:

  • Positioning of the burner in the x, y and z axes
  • Fast passage of the burner in the x, y and z axes
  • starting and stopping the cutting program,
  • resuming the cutting program from the end / interruption of the path,
  • burner cover control,
  • setting a zero point,
  • material positioning (i.e., e.g. crooked sheet metal and change thanks to this cutting program taking into account the angle of rotation),
  • error reset.

Battery charging module in an integrated control cabinet in the Dynamic X-Pro plasma cutter

Battery charging module in the outer control cabinet in the plasma cutter Promaster and Vxstandard

Handy and small EasyControl Stigal pilot

The possibility of configuring the pilot under the customer allows you to have over 20 other functions. With the EasyControl remote control, we also provide a battery charging station, which is placed on a control cabinet, with a spare and charged battery, which the operator can easily replace in an easy way. At the same time, he can forget about it, because the working time on one battery is up to 200 hours.

We locked all functions and possibilities in a 20x9cm remote control. It is an industrial solution perfectly protected against falling and damage. This makes working with EasyControl pleasant and trouble -free.

Together with the pilot, the customer receives a detailed instructions to quickly acquire the operation and functions of individual keys. The pilot is standard available in the offer for material tables from 6 meters long. Optionally, it is possible to buy for shorter tables.

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