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We hope that it will significantly introduce the profile of our production and interest the technical capabilities of the machines we produce. We specialize in the production of CNC controlled machines for plasma and aerobic cutting and special devices that automate welding processes. We create modern solutions that meet the expectations of a dynamically developing sector of metal industry enterprises. Our design office is constantly working on new technical solutions that ensure continuous development of produced machines. By choosing our products you will receive full technical support, which guarantees quick implementation of plasma cutting technology in your enterprise.


Starting from the design stage, through all stages of production, to the final product, we create reliable solutions that meet the high requirements of our recipients.
Integrated with the voltage control system, height regulator, dynamic material detection system, vertical anti -collision system or automatic cutting parameter table are our standard technical solutions that increase the speed and reliability of the work of produced machines.


Using modern 3D computer modeling techniques, the construction office has the possibility of quick design and implementation of new solutions that make our products better. From the very beginning, we improve the project using SOLIDWORKS® software, whose functions allow you to carry out a detailed analysis of the model without the need for time -consuming prototypes. Thanks to this, we react quickly to the needs of the market, and we shorten the introduction of new solutions to the absolute minimum.


During the production process, we put special emphasis on quality. We choose and check components suppliers very carefully. We make mechanical elements of our machines on machining centers, guaranteeing high accuracy and repetition of production. The next stages of assembly carried out according to assembly procedures are subjected to detailed analysis and control, which guarantees repeatability and high quality of the final product.


The control system used is fully integrated with individual elements of our machines. All settings are available from the machine driver level, which has an implemented cutting parameter table. The table allows automatic selection of cutting parameters only based on information about the thickness and type of material. This releases the operator from the need to browse paper instructions and allows you to modify and save all settings necessary to carry out the correct cutting process.

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