“VxStandard is a response to the increased market demand for our products”

Wakmet is a leading producer of industrial fittings known for undertaking the most difficult tasks with unusual orders. In their assortment they have thousands of dick designs, flaps and automatic valves. Due to the increased demand for its products, the company has faced the need to buy a device that allows to significantly increase production capabilities. She purchased a universal plasma and gas cutter VxStandard with a boom, revolutionary OBR620, Multi3D head and a smartcontrol wireless controller.

In the film made at the plant in Bodzanów, you can see an interesting process of the valve cover of the valve cover using the Multi3D head for cutting with simultaneous phasing of the edge and turntable to the pipes.

The machine’s program was written so that two ready -made elements are created in one cut.

Watch move

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