Special machines STIGAL

Cutting and welding of machine elements and steel structures

By using our many years of experience, we offer the opportunity to produce special machines that automate the processes of creating structural elements. Regardless of whether they will be elements of machines, vehicles or elements of the construction of halls and architectural facilities, we can create a machine for applications selected for the individual production needs of our clients. It can be a shapely cut of structural elements and welding of structural elements, or a machine integrating both of these processes.

Each device is designed for individual customer needs, which is why the first, most important step is to send us a detailed description of the production: the specifications of the process, the machines and ready elements. The more information, photos, drawings of elements, projects, CAD files, etc., the easier and faster we will be able to determine whether we are able to offer our solution and present the appropriate offer.

Basic capabilities of STIGAL special devices

Processing in hekios


Imagine enlargement



WeldingIn the Imnator enlarged

Shaped cut

Cuttingin the center and in the shelves (lanes)

  • mounting holes and so -called beans
  • “relieving” strands
  • decorative holes
  • assembly jams.

Shape cut can be applied to other sections such as price centers, angles, tenses, closed profiles, and also to other structural elements.


Jamming for front sheets and mounting jams

The jam can be made in most pitamies:

  • IPN
  • IPE
  • IPE AA
  • HEA
  • HEB
  • HE AA

and many others.

Marking and describing

Making various descriptions on the center and shelves

  • scoring holes drilling places,
  • rolling rib welding places,
  • trading in the welding places of brackets,
  • route of beam reinforcement welding places,
  • applying assembly information,
  • applying other information:
    • order number,
    • element color,
    • type of galvanic coating,
    • Type / size of holes and threads.

Plasma marking and describing can be used for other sections such as price centers, angles, tensers, closed profiles, as well as for other structural elements.


Suggestion beams

Cold -headed centers

Brackets and ribs in diagonals and metal sheets
and shelves (belts) with the centuries in Blachownice

Examples of implemented special projects

Welding machine for container sides


  • Construction of containers,
  • Construction of waste containers, for transporting materials, etc.

Welding machine for cold bent price centers


  • Construction of telescopic beams used for fire and assembly lifts, special purpose

Sheet metal welding machine


  • Steel structures, construction
  • Elements of machines and vehicles.

Welding machine for the sublying beams


  • Construction of steel structures for the needs of cranes,
  • Various types of tracks welded to steel profiles.

Machine automating the process of producing mantle-pipe exchangers


  • cutting holes for connectors,
  • positioning of the brute relative to the tank,
  • Positioning collars relative to the connectors and the main reservoir.

Examples of applications

This page presents only a part of the technical capabilities that we can implement to the construction machines that meet the individual needs of our clients.

If you are interested in automating production using the possibilities presented or you have a different, your own idea – call or write to us.

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